La Tiara

La Tiara® – “the crown for the young bride”

Each wedding wear is a dream, it has the unknown shades dreamt by a to be bride, from some corner of the world, and her lifelong urge to dress up for her lover with different shades of colours and shimmer....

They say, “Marriages are made in heaven”, every mother will put up all her efforts to dress up her daughter to the world’s best bride,
every groom would like to hear envious murmurs about his bride....

At La Tiara® we specialize making your dream outfit, we design and groom every need of your liking put into tradition and latest fashion trends.

We choose colors of your liking, we dye the fabrics to the particular shade you like and work out a designer wedding wear.

La Tiara® trousseau collection is booked and made to this perfection to fit the young bride. We match foot wear and accessories to go with these designer wear suits.

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